How Young Insurance Agents Should Be Investing their Time and Marketing Dollars

by | October 5, 2015

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We are looking at these “Times of the Young Agent” and for this episode, we are proud to have, for the first time ever,  an interview with a dynamic duo: Lisa and Will Lemanski, owners of Meiers, Lombardini, and Lemanski Insurance in East Lansing Michigan.

We are also proud to interview Lisa Lemanski who was just awarded National Young Agent of the Year by the IIABA this past weekend in New Orleans. Their advice as young agents couldn’t have come at a better time. 

These are agents who are turning the perception of insurance, insurance agents, and the insurance industry to meet today’s conscientious consumers.  They view themselves more as educators and counselors of insurance rather than sales people and they’ve cut out all the fat; meaning all the things that were a waste of time and a waste of marketing dollars. Listen to the podcast to see how you should be spending these resources.

As young agents, don’t be afraid to pursue the pragmatic approach!


  1. Lisa Lemanski

    Thank you so much for featuring Will & I on your podcast! We had a great time speaking with you! Keep up the great work!

    Thanks again!!

    • Anna Aguila

      No…thank you guys! Congratulations again to you Lisa.

      • Lisa Lemanski

        Thank you! I am so humbled to have even been considered let alone to have received the award!

  2. Jason D Cass

    Lisa and Will you both were great. I have had 3 agents reach out through email and tell me that they picked up a few very valuable items to help them or their agency.

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