How To Create a Marketing Plan for Your Insurance Agency

by | October 5, 2015


Today you’re feeling ambitious and want to take another stab at organizing your dysfunctional marketing efforts.

That’s good, let’s start there.

Here at GROW we’re asked all the time by agents and agencies how they can organize their marketing and put a solid plan into action that sticks.

The biggest problem we face is that so much of what we know, or think we know, is more out-dated than a Zack Morris’ cell phone. We’re so good at passing around bad ideas in the insurance industry you’d think that’s how we make money.

After reading this article on how to make an insurance marketing plan, I got a little fired up at the slop you have to sift through to get not just ideas, but proven strategies and tactics that other agents have successfully used.

So today we’re going to set a basic marketing plan worthy of not just 2015 but 2016 and maybe even 2017.

Start Simple: It’s Not About You, It’s About them

Before you even blink in the direction of a marketing idea, you first have to shove yourself and your giant ego into the closest closet big enough to hold it.

From this point on your only concern is how you can best educate the people you want to do business with and provide value without even talking to them.

So much of what you see, hear and read is focused on how amazing company X is and how incompetent company y is.

Stop doing that.

Instead do something that moves a prospect closer to a sale. Something like answer a question online, preferably on your website.

Do Some Math

Set a revenue goal.

Then figure what line of business you will be focusing your online efforts on and work the commission’s backward to that revenue.

Now you know who you’re trying to attract and how many times you need to do.

While we’re here this a good place to make a note to pay attention to as many conversion rates as you can.

Visitor to lead, lead to customer, etc.

It will go very nicely with everything else.

Look in the Mirror: Remember Where You Started

Make sure you take the time to stop and document what your current efforts have produced to this point.

This would be a great time to dig into your website’s traffic analytics and make a note of what’s going on.

If you don’t know how, when or where to find these analytics, than that’s your next step.

Prepare: Ask People How They Found You

Make sure everyone in your office is ready to track and document where people are finding you.

Without getting too fancy, the most important thing you can do to make this happen is ask every new prospect you talk to “how they found you today.”

I know you’ve been told this before and probably more than once. I hope this is the last time I have to tell you. If not, I’m going to count to three and you will have to sit in timeout.

Almost any agency management system should allow you record this very important information.

Get Your Website Ready

Before you can actually do any marketing, you will need a place to store it.

If you don’t currently have the ability to easily publish blog posts and update your website you are going to want to seriously consider fixing that.

I would recommend you look at one of these three platforms to start.

Create an Editorial Calendar

Start to plan out what and when you are going to publish this new content to your site.

Don’t bite off more than your can chew. Start small and work your way up. Maybe you want to start publishing a blog post every other week on Wednesdays.

Now in your calendar write out the headlines for each article you will post on those days.

Go out as far as you can and then start writing.

Don’t be too rigid with it, if a topic or type of post isn’t working try something else.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with headlines or topics, just start writing down every question your agency gets asked everyday.

Also, you will want to seriously consider address the five key topics that “move the needle” as Marcus Sheridan likes to say.

Now Rinse, Repeat and Don’t Stop

Once you have these simple steps in place it’s time to get to work and not look back.

This plan should have a decent shelf life and will also help you sharpen your sword and find your voice.

Until the phone starts ringing from people who can’t wait to thank you and talk with you, there won’t be much to overthink until then.

Once the phone start ringing, that’s when you know it’s working.

The Bottom Line

Starting anywhere is better than starting nowhere.

Just by following these few simple steps you will go along way to organizing an area of your business most other agents don’t want to admit even exists.

Next Step

If you really want to make sure you’re on the right track, you’re going to want to grab your free GROW membership which includes a four week marketing tune up video course.



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