In today´s episode of Agents Influence, host Jason Cass interviews Carey Anne Nadeau, Founder and CEO of ODN, Insurtech Founder and Data Expert. ODN predicts where car crashes are most likely to happen to increase the profitability of traditional auto insurance underwriting and telematics programs. Carey Ann Nadeau shares how she arrived in the big data industry and what her company ODN is able to accomplish and improve in the insurance field.

Show Notes:

  • Is Carey Anne Nadeau a Droid or iPhone user
  • Does Carey Anne Nadeau love to win or hate to lose
  • Has either talent or luck been the most helpful to Carey’s career
  • Carey Anne Nadeau shares her background history
  • How did Carey get involved into big data
  • What exactly does ODN do
  • How successful has ODN been
  • Which state is having the most amount of car crashes
  • California regulators have outlawed the use of credit to price insurance for personal auto
  • Carey and Jason discuss ‘redlining’ and how it has affected urban planning
  • ODN has a survey for people to participate in to improve their problem-solving abilities

3 Key Points:

  1.  ODN creates risk rates for auto insurance based on where, when, and how drivers drive and who they are.
  2. Predictive models are triangulating multiple variables to better predict insurance issues.
  3.  There were 8 million car crashes in the state of Texas in the last 10 years—and it is going


Tweetable Quotes:

   “We built models to anticipate where car crashes are going to happen.” – Carey Anne Nadeau.

   “ODN predicts where traffic crashes are likely and helps insurance carriers replace rate filings or territory rate filings so that they can get a specific territory for every customer that they ensure, rather than relying on the zip code.” – Carey Anne Nadeau.

   “We should certainly have an option available to those carriers that can find a different way to be profitable without (being) at the expense of people that are poor.” – Carey Anne Nadeau.

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