It’s easier said than done and something you might be inadvertently guilty of.

Actions taken out of insecurity and insincerity is a combination that generally leads to disaster.

Doing something because it’s worth doing and will make them better than they were before will win every time over doing it for yourself.

That’s what Joey talks with Billy Van Jura of Fraleigh & Rakow and how he’s obsessed with always bringing enough value to make sure the deal gets done.

Listen to Insurance in Your Words with Joey Giangola above..


  1. James Whitaker

    You’re talking about authenticity here. The coffee shop owner gave you the business because she knows you’re sincere, you’re authentic. You’re not shuckin’ and givin’ and going through the motions to “win the business.” You sincerely want to help your clients and you communicate that intention. That’s such an intangible quality. It goes right to character. It’s such a difficult concept to talk about and explain but you do a great job of it in this podcast.

  2. James Whitaker

    Sorry for the typo, but I meant shuckin’ and jivin’ not “givin’.”

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