In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence, host Jason Cass is joined by Wessly Anderson to discuss the state of efficiency-improving data implementation in the insurance industry, and ways to strengthen the operation of an agency through data and outsourcing. Updating agency practices for the present moment with modern technology can be a painful growing process, but it’s ultimately necessary for an agency to remain competitive.

Show Notes:

  • Wessly Anderson joins Jason in today’s podcast
  • Jason and Wessly talk about the potential importance of a virtual assistant for an agency, and how an international VA might not be noticeably different from a domestic
  • Change in the industry; the changing role of data in the industry
  • The way a tech company like Amazon lives off data vs the state of data in the insurance industry
  • Ways data streamlining works that the insurance industry doesn’t use
  • How can data gathering practices change in the industry?
  • The burden often placed on the customer service representative in the industry
  • Ways to improve agency life through data and conversation
  • The primacy of data in the value of agency work
  • When an agency has time to proactively instead of reactively engage with customers, agencies can run more efficiently
  • A virtual assistant can share customer service data to deepen customer relationships; automation and outsourcing can be used to strengthen customer service
  • Data integration isn’t something to be afraid of; it’s not a replacement but a supplement to existing practices
  • Growing pains as a necessity
  • Utilizing data, people, and process to anticipate customer expectation

3 Key Points:

  1.  The insurance industry is behind the curve in data implementation, perhaps partly because of a general conservatism in the industry.  
  2. Data and outsourcing can be a powerful tool for deepening customer relationships.
  3.  Implementation of data streamlining in the insurance agency doesn’t replace traditional practices, but rather supplements them.

Key Quotes:

    “Agency intelligence is an insurance agency practice that separates your agency from the competition by utilizing data, people, and process, to create a customer experience that anticipates customers expectations.” – Jason Cass.
    “The fact that mitigation of risk [in the insurance industry] is happening 8 hours a day naturally creates a fearful psychological environment, but the reality of it is technology is an environment of hope.” – Wessly Anderson.
    “The way that we process data is for the 70s, and 80s, and 90s, and not the new age.” – Jason Cass.

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